California Location is Closed!
All future shipments should be sent to our Texas office.

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Cypress, Texas 77433

Company History

Geotherm was founded in 1978 by Deepak Parmar in the Greater Toronto area of Canada.  While at Ontario Hydro Research, Deepak worked on a research project sponsored by EPRI to help design a fully automated and portable test instrument for the measurement of thermal properties of native soils, rock, high strength & low strength fluidized thermal backfills (FTB™) and thermal grout.  Over the years, in-house research and development has resulted in designing state of the art test instrument (TPA2000) and accessories (lab, field and marine thermal probes) that have long been accepted as the “industry standard”.

Geotherm at work!

In 2000, Geotherm formed a joint venture with The Garde Group in Australia operating as Geotherm Australasia under the leadership of Phil Garde.   Geotherm Australasia specializes in providing thermal resistivity testing services for the Australasian Market.

In early 2004, the company opened its first office in the United States in Chandler, Arizona headed by Geeta Parmar and Nimesh Patel.
The company’s present worldwide headquarters is located in Cypress, Texas operating as GeothermUSA

Courtesy Notice of Holiday Closures: Our offices will be closed the following dates:

  • November 26th and 27th in observance of US Thanksgiving.  
  • December 21st through January 1st, we will reopen January 4th, 2021. 

In order for us to submit our reports prior to our closure, we MUST have the following no later than Thursday December 11th.

  1. Soil or backfill samples
  2. Compaction requirements
  3. Proctor results
  4. Starting moisture content
  5. Completed chain of custody form