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Geotherm USA – Course Schedule
Date: To be announced
Location: The Alden Beach Resort, 5900 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, Florida

Presented by: Power Delivery Consultants Inc. & Geotherm

Utilities are finding increasing need to operate their transmission and distribution cables “closer to the limit” to wring every available ampere from an expensive resource. Many issues must be considered to confidently rate the cables near their ultimate limit. These issues include:

  • How can I install the lowest-cost system today, and still meet the required loadings in twenty years?
  • What are the ampacity effects of different XLPE cable shield constructions and bonding modes?
  • Are ampacities lower for cables installed by directional drilling? What are my options? And what are the calculation procedures?
  • Is ampacity reduced by Installing extruded-dielectric cables in steel pipe?
  • What are my options for uprating cables ? How do I determine the rating of my existing cables?
  • Is soil thermal stability really an issue? What about interface temperature vs. heat flux density?
  • Will fluidized thermal backfill really increase ampacity and save me money?
  • What are the effects of hourly load profiles – daily vs. weekly periods?
  • What are my options for monitoring cables and using results effectively?
  • I cannot change my cable size. What are my options for optimizing the trench cross-section, use of controlled backfill, etc. to obtain the required ampacity?

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